Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Computer Art Assignment #2 P.1

Artist Portrait
Image Size: 12" x 16"
Resolution: 300 dpi

Well, today in class I had a counseling session because I didn't know who I was, which made this project extremely difficult. Impossible, actually. Apparently I am "Outgoing, Elegant Gothic, Dark, Nice, enjoy Fashion Photography, Animal Photography, respect Digital and Graphic artists, and have a wild side." Basically I'm a bunch of randomness. No wonder I couldn't settle on a theme. But now that I have something to go on, hopefully this project will turn out successfully. My intention will be to demonstrate my personality in this portrait: Bold, dark but elegant, and my love of fashion photography. Since I have may more photos of my sister, and people say we look alike in photos (though I don't think so at all) I will be using an image of her on a distressed background.

Above are the thumbnails that should have come first. The first two images (left) are the first failed attempt because I had done neither thumbnails or an artist statement. The second set (center) came a little closer, but I got stuck because I hadn't thought it out and ended up botching it all together. The last set (right) is the final set that I created after writing my artist statement. While I should have drawn out more thumbnails, this piece still worked out and is the final version.

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