Thursday, April 30, 2009

Computer Art Assignment #5 P.3

Featured are my thumbnail images and the final products for Assignment #5, the art festival poster project. We were to create a series of three posters for the imaginary art festival of our choice. I used two background textures, one a plaster wall and the other red brick. I used spray paint and splatter brushes (originally my color palate was yellow and red, which made my posters look more like a crime scene than spray paint. Very BAD for an Urban Art poster, haha.) I brought the saturation down and added blue to give it a cool, grungy look. These posters are very busy-looking, with hardly any negative space. Generally I like negative space, but graffiti art doesn't generally have much, so neither do the posters. I think these posters would appeal to the crowd that they are trying to reach.

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